Trainer Mojo offers workshops, coaching and consulting to help workplace learning professionals become more confident and agile in delivering learning in their organizations.

We offer an in-depth, evidence-based train-the-trainer program for training departments looking to up-skill their trainers.

Better skilled trainers deliver more engaging learning and help organizations achieve their business objectives.

Trainer Mojo also teaches trainers how to produce engaging micro-learning and long-form learning content.  This includes instructional videos, podcasts and screen text.

Digital learning content enables learning to be delivered on demand, anywhere, to anyone, at anytime.


We Support Learning & Talent Departments

The training world is evolving fast. And so are the challenges that learning departments face with smaller teams and shrinking budgets.

Three of these problems that learning executives face include

  • perception that employees and organizations have of training
  • skills that trainers have
  • evolution of the trainer role

All of our programs will help learning executives and trainers address these challenges in meaningful and substantive ways.  CLICK HERE to learn more about this and read the five skillsets tomorrow’s trainers need.


Approach to Learning

The Trainer Mojo programs are very deliberate about learning.  We teach learning theories that are backed up by research and tested through practice.  We draw a lot on cognitive psychology and learning science.

Our area of expertise is workplace learning Not K12 or higher education.  Although many theories cross over, they way they are applied is very specific.  Trainer Mojo’s focus is using learning to drive business performance in companies, government agencies and non-profts, making sure any learning strategy works within an organization’s learning ecosystem.

If you’ve got a few moments, CLICK HERE to learn more about our philosophy of learning.  You’ll find that it challenges some conventional wisdom and rejects a number of learning myths that exist in the learning world today.  You’ll also find a lot of traditional approaches to adult learning are upheld because they are good pedagogy.


Trainer Mojo History

Trainer Mojo is a new company formed by author and former learning executive Jonathan Halls in January 2018.

With more than 25 years experience delivering training in 25 countries, Jonathan formed this new company for two reasons.

  • First, to support learning professionals in North America who are under increased pressure to deliver awesome value to their clients and organizations.
  • Second, to reduce his personal travel.  As a consultant, he spends a lot of time on the road and plans to limit international work a small number of engagements each year.

Jonathan is well known as a learning specialist.  He’s active in Association for Talent Development, a member of NSA and written numerous books for trainers.  You can read more about Jonathan’s background by CLICKING HERE.

We’re based in Leesburg, an hour’s drive west of Washington, DC.