We’re a Training Company for Learning Professionals


Professional Development for Trainers

We provide professional development programs, coaching and consulting for trainers and learning executives.  Our Invisible Trainer Program helps trainers apply evidence-based, brain-centered methods.  Our media workshops teach trainers professional media skills to create engaging digital learning content.


Helping Trainers Transform the Workforce

We want to help trainers build the confidence and agility to deliver outstanding learning in the workplace.  We want to help them develop a learner-centered, brain-centered approach to learning.  And we want them to be comfortable operating in the evolving learning ecosystem.


Delivering Learning Where & When You Need It

We deliver in-person classes and workshops delivered onsite at client locations based on our learning philosophy. Most follow a ‘flipped’ or extended format and involve pre-class and post-class work.  We are launching more online classes in 2018/2019.


North America & Around the Globe

We work onsite at our client’s locations, as well as a limited number of public venues.  With experience delivering learning in 25 countries, our primary focus is in North America.  We’re based in downtown Leesburg, west of Washington, DC.


It’s a Spin-Off

Trainer Mojo LLC started as a registered company in 2018.  It’s a spin-off of Talkshow Media LLC which was founded 2009.  (Talkshow provided media training, train the trainer programs, leadership, communication and change management workshops.)


The Founder

Trainer Mojo LLC was founded by Jonathan Halls.  A former learning executive with more than 25 years’ experience in workplace learning and media.  He’s run learning programs in 25 countries and has written numerous books.  He’s actively involved in the Association of Talent Development.


Why Trainer Mojo?

A trainer told Jonathan Halls at the end of a workshop on brain-based learning in Dallas that, “This just gave me back my mojo as a trainer.”  Another, this time at a Colorado workshop, told him, “You helped me find my mojo.”  It seemed like a theme.  So, we tested the word and people said it told them what we do – we help trainers develop their mojo.  And we help experienced trainers deepen or rediscover their mojo.

Mojo means magic.  But we define trainer mojo as, ‘the confidence to deliver learner-centered learning and the agility to adapt it to the learner’s needs.