Rapid Video for Trainers

2 and 3 Day Programs

Many trainers today create microlearning videos to extend learning beyond the classroom. Short targeted videos can be very helpful but to be effective need to be well produced.

Our 2-day and 3-day rapid video programs are based on the bestselling book, Rapid Video Development for Trainers and teaches the rapid media technique.

The program teaches participants to create video content that looks professional and leads to learning. They learn professional media competencies to produce it fast and on a shoestring.

The program goes into both the production side of video, and the editorial side. Participants learn how to shoot and do basic video editing. And they learn the psychology of video and how to combine that with learning theory.


Learning Objectives

  • Develop a professional level of practice that ensures confidence and professionalism. (Affective LO)
  • Plan learning content so that it is quick and easy for learners to understand, remember and apply to their job
  • Shoot video following professional techniques to ensure images are crisp and clear and audio is crystal clear
  • Edit video to flow smoothly and ensure a polished final video package


How it Looks

  • Participants are required to watch a series of pre-class videos and complete some reflection questions. This allows us to spend less time in class on theory and more on practice.
  • Participants participate in either the 2-day or 3-day workshop program. Everyone makes one video and participants completing the 3-day program make 2 videos.
  • Participants receive follow-up videos to reinforce their learning after the class has finished.
  • Participants receive a comprehensive workbook.